If you like dabbing but are hesitant to use a traditional torch setup, an electric nail, often known as an e-nail, may be an excellent alternative. Traditional nail setups need the use of open flames and pricey pressurised gases to achieve and maintain the ideal dabbing temperature. In contrast, electronic nails are a convenient option. E-nails can acquire and sustain this temperature in a few seconds.

E-nails provide a more regulated and effective method of consuming waxy oils and concentrates, decreasing wastage and the possibility of unintended combustion of the user’s materials. They give a degree of temperature stability that is hard to obtain with a standard torch setup due to their design.

E-nail devices are available in a variety of forms, sizes, colours, and price ranges, from the most costly to the most affordable.

A number of dab rigs may be used with an electronic nail.

As long while you have the appropriate attachments smoking bongs, you may use an E-nail to filter the water passing through your bong or bubbler as you inhale your preferred strain.

When using electric dab rigs, also known as portable e-rigs, users do not need to carry along an additional heating source. To guarantee that your dabbing experience is consistent and steady, we provide an extensive selection of dab rigs and bongs that are compatible with an e-nail and may be used with one.

In an e-nail system, the PID Controller’s control panel enables temperature adjustments. This capability is made feasible by a thermocouple sensor included with the coil.

During the heating phase of the electronic nail, the display screen displays the real-time temperature change. The PID is often referred to as the brain of E-nails.

The connection of a female PID connector’s five prongs is an industry standard. Due to this, there is considerable space for tool modification.

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