If you should be buying a family Christmas Holiday listed below are 5 top tips for something only a little different and exciting this year.

1. Since Christmas is traditionally a period for Children you could like to know concerning this very special Christmas Holiday in Lapland. Up in the Arctic circle is Lapland your home of Santa Claus. What better method to see in Christmas than to go to Santa, his Elves and his Reindeer in the home before he sparks on his big day. Each child can get to see Santa,and get a present. There are also sleigh rides (pulled by reindeer of course), husky rides,Snowmobiles, a wonderful Christmas Gala Dinner, Christmas Carols and cosy log fires. So a really wonderful family Christmas Holiday.

2. Another is really a very unusual family Christmas Holiday. It is at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden which will be 200km in the Arctic Circle. This can be a truly unique Hotel. Every year it’s newly built from the crystal clear ice given by the fast flowing Torne River. Each year it features a new design and newly designed suites. You spend one night in the Ice Hotel suitably prepared with a wonderful warm bed and the other nights in a cosy and warm Swedish Hotel. There’s every winter outdoor activity available or you can just sit quietly by the fire and read an excellent book or play games.

3. For a many different Christmas our next destination is Australia. Sydney to be precise. If you should be fed up with the cold and snow try “Down Under” for a summery Christmas. The weather will be great but you will have all the most common the most beautiful Christmas holidays of the year Christmas fun. Christmas Trees, Carols, turkey dinner and of course Santa Claus. Sydney has numerous free events within the Christmas Season these generally include choirs, entertainers, slide shows, concerts and of course the fabulous fireworks display on New Years Eve.

4. Think about a cruise for Christmas. This is a superb one for Mom because after getting the family up to speed she can relax and let the party begin. This is a superb chance for the adults to relax during the day while the kids are entertained then later in the day the fun of dressing for the Gala dinners for each night of the Christmas period. Delicious food, great entertainment for several ages and an incredibly relaxed Christmas for Mom.

5. Finally certainly one of my favourite Christmas holidays. Christmas in New England. Once you consider Christmas in New England you consider snow, skaters on a frozen pond, white churches with slim spires, twinkling lights on Christmas trees and pretty colonial homes with large holly wreaths on the leading door. They are the images from a million Christmas cards.There are many beautiful Hotels and B & B’s all ready to give you a great Christmas. Many of these buildings are beautiful old colonial homes. There’s so much to see and do in New England. You and the kids might be busy from dawn till dusk. There’s every conceivable winter activity and being on vacation you have the time to enjoy them together. Whether it’s a simple toboggan ride down the nearest hillside or even a day skiing it will be great just to enjoy it as a family.

So maximize of your family Christmas Holiday in 2010 plan a fantastic Christmas Vacation. From the cold of the Arctic circle to the heat of an Australian Christmas there will certainly be something to please everyone.

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