Traditional alarm systems will soon Disappear with the arrival of alarm systems that may “Verify” that offenders are “on site” before resources are dispatched. With integrated detector/IR Camera devices when an intrusion occurs the Video Alarm System instantly sends a 10 second clip to the 24 Hour security control room whom can instantly confirm that a False alarm has or hasn’t occurred.

Many thousands of dollars are wasted on sending patrols and personnel on a “wild goose chase” brought on by traditional security systems. Police gives a “High Priority” to a report from a control room that may verify that offenders are on site. The catch rate of Video Alarm Systems is significantly higher than traditional systems and because the Video Verification system is “totally wireless” (using the GPRS network and endurance battery power) the machine can be deployed in a fraction of the most common time. 토토사이트 검증 The Alarm System can then be dismantled and relocated as required.

Detector/IR Camera units can be used indoors and outdoors as your website requires and is ideal for building sites, compounds or any high security site where Video Alarm Verification would be beneficial.

The video alarm system can standalone with link with calling line in addition to the GPRS wireless unit, or the security system can be included with a current system to enhance the reliability of the entire reporting of alarms back again to the monitoring center. The “catch rate” for the machine since its release onto industry has been for-nominal. Police departments provide a high priority if the Control room can report they’ve footage of the intrusion and that the offenders are probably be still “on site” ;.Most police departments will not attend until an authority can confirm that the incident has occurred or in progress.

Fines and costs are now incurred for sending guards, patrols and property/business owners to site only to locate that there’s been no breach to the security of the site. Outside Detectors are able to report Video back again to the security control room before intruders have even entered the building or are even aware that hey have triggered the Video alarm and detection has occurred. The “wireless” nature of the systems also delivers maximum flexibility. Video Verification systems will end up the brand new benchmark.

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