Whenever you visit any event, you might have noticed that there is always a banner on the background of the stage that defines the theme of the event along with various pictures and logos to illustrate it in a better manner. Step and repeat banners are usually backdrop banners that display the logos and name of the advertisers and all the sponsors of the event. The main purpose of these banners is to sponsors that help them to advertise their products through the necessary photographs that are displayed on them. The most common example of this banner can be seen when the athletes or celebrities conduct press conferences, they usually display such kinds of streamers in the background.

If you see some of the samples of such streamers, you will find that the logo of the company is repeated in a tabular or symmetric form. Such kinds of banners are usually step and repeat  used during press conferences or launch of any new brand in the industry. The best feature about them is that they are comparatively low in price and just requires a mere stand of holding a flex sheet of few square feet wide enough to cover the angle of the camera. They usually vary in their print design and are designed to attract a number of viewers towards the speaker of the conference. Moreover, every photo that is taken, the company’s logo is simply snapped with it.

One of the most important factors that have to be followed while designing step and repeat banners is creativity. It has to be in contrast with the clothes of the speaker and also display the contents attractively to attract more and more viewers. Some other factors that have to be followed while designing step and repeat banners are:

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