As one of the foremost leaders in the motor industry, WEG motors produces more than 10 million units annually.

Founded in 1961, the industrial parks of this company are located in Brazil, where all of  outboard motor sale the production elements are controlled. As for manufacturing, most of the facilities are located in Santa Catarina.

In 2000, the company became a Brazilian multinational company. Among the achievements of the company, Forbes has listed WEG as one of the 100 largest small global companies in the world. So what makes these products some of the most well-known in the motor industry?

Within the facilities of the company, WEG manufactures and produces electric motors, generators, transformers, drives and coatings.

One of the newest products of WEG motors is the W22 motor, a product that is designed for proficiency and efficiency. This model is advertised as a three-phase model.

According to the WEG website, the W22 is designed to “anticipate concepts on performance and energy savings. ” This is achieved through many features that the company incorporated into the design.

Giving the maximum value to buyers is what the company is hoping for with the W22 model. Combined with efficiencies meeting the NEMA Premium values, the W22 guarantees energy efficiency. The model also has lower maintenance needs because of the durable design that has been developed by WEG motors. With updated electrical features, the lifetime of this product is extended.

Complete with noise and vibration level reductions, a new cooling system that allows improved air flow through the motor frame and an exclusive bearing sealing system that protects the motor against outside factors such as dust and water, the W22 model exceeds the high standard of quality that has been previously set by WEG.

In addition to the W22 model, WEG also produces many other high-quality products. While the W22 is categorized under several types of motors, other models that the company manufactures are listed under categories such as definite purpose, explosion-proof and pump motors.

All of the products are created by the WEG group to preserve natural resources by being in compliance with the environmental legislations. The group also prides themselves on meeting legal requirements when it comes to the health and safety of production and their products.

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