While the world of online casino gaming is an amazing amount of entertainment, there’s also no doubt that it is also a possibility that it could be quite dangerous as well. However, this is where institutions like the UK Gambling Commission come in because they perform vital job to protect every gambler.

In the absence of being able to stop the UK Gambling Commission criminals and gambling sites that are shady online could have a much more easy to take advantage of us slot online. Read on for an insight about ways that you can be sure that the UK gambling commission looks at deposits through phone slot machines.

What’s exactly the UK Gambling Commission?

The first topic to discuss this is the most basic question to know: what exactly are the UK Gambling Commission. It is true that the UK Gambling Commission was established in 2005, off the back of the Gambling Act 2005, and was charged with overseeing the different aspects associated with this Great British gambling industry.

To allow things like bookies, casinos bingo halls, lottery, and online casinos to be legal they must have been licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which requires them to comply with the regulations that are prescribed by the commission. The laws were created to ensure that the customers aren’t exploited and to prevent the increasing problem of problematic gambling.

What does the UK Gambling Commission view online slot machines?

Okay, so what is the way that The UK Gambling Commission view online slot machines? In general, as a principle, they are UK Gambling Commission isn’t here to make a decision on any aspect of the gambling business, but to ensure it is controlled. However, they clearly recognize the benefits of online casinos, or else they wouldn’t have let the industry to grow in such a short time.

In that regard the most appropriate description of the approach of the UK Gambling Commission towards slots is to believe that they are entertaining, but they also pose dangers. This is evident in the numerous rules and regulations that online casinos must adhere to.

The ways in that they ensure UK Gambling Commission ensures safety of players who play online slot machines

For some players, the UK Gambling Commission can appear as an insufferable agency that embodies “the man” However, in reality they’re actually the ones that keep us more secure than ever before particularly in the area of slot machines. Here are a few ways in the way that you can be assured that the UK Gambling Commission ensures the security of players playing online slot machines:

  • RTP: As a result of the UK Gambling Commission developers and casinos online are required to disclose their RTP of all their games. This provides a lot more transparency.
  • Casinos licensed by the government generally are trustworthy institutions, but this is made more evident due to how the UK Gambling Commission is vital in granting casinos licenses. It is responsible for keeping casinos under check to ensure that the winnings are paid in addition to other things.

New 2021 UK laws on online slots

In February of 2021 , the UK Gambling Commission updated some of their rules pertaining to slot machines. Check out some of the changes below:

  • Stop features in slot machines which speed up the game.
  • Reel spin rates that exceed 2.5 seconds.
  • A blanket interdiction of autoplay.

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