When searching for an online advertising campaign, you’ve probably wondered if Google advertising is right for your business. After all it’s one of the biggest and most well known names on the internet Google Advertising Consultant . Google advertising is, in fact, very effective and well-known with ads placed contextually on websites, blogs and articles all around the web. But the decision to use Google for your business advertising needs shouldn’t be made just on the popularity of Google ads. Take a few moments and ask yourself some questions about your business, and then use those answers to make a decision for your ad campaign.

1. Is my business ready for global advertising?

The answer to this makes a huge difference. If you’re just getting started with a small website and haven’t quite gotten things automated and set up to run efficiently and to handle a higher traffic flow, then the answer is no. Once you reach people all around the world with your ads, you have to be able to deliver on what you promise. Achieve the task of having your online business running smoothly before selecting a large ad campaign such as Google.

2. Does your advertising budget allow for an ongoing advertising campaign based on several different keywords for more traffic?

While it’s possible to advertise on a shoestring budget, and Google does offer several different advertising programs to effectively reach as many people as possible, you want to target several keywords and achieve placement on many different sites for your niche. The larger advertising budget you have, the more effective your ad purchases will be.

3. Do you know what to offer potential customers to get them to click on the ads that you pay to get circulated?

A catchy ad can make the difference to a customer who is looking for a certain item and comes across two different ads. The one that doesn’t draw their attention and offer them some reason to click on it is the one that won’t get clicked. If your ads aren’t effective it won’t matter who you choose to spread the word.

These three simple questions and answers will help you decide whether Google advertising is right for your business. Google is an Internet giant and has the “juice” to get your ads where they need to be. That isn’t the question at hand, the question is whether using Google advertising is the right choice for your business at this time. If your business is operating smoothly online, you’ve saved up enough for a decent advertising campaign and you have a slogan or catchy offer for potential customer then it’s time to get busy and let Google do your work for you!

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